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Springer Custom Works Piston and Spring guide review

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Hi all, i was very kindly sent springer custom works' new piston and spring guide to review and after playing at Alpha 55s summer social weekend here's what i had to say.

First impressions - The piston and spring guide look stunning, a real piece of art. They look really well made.
Features - Duel O-ring design for a better air seal
- Removable airbreak
- wide spring guide to reduce vibrations of the spring

Installation - The installation was easy, just like every other VSR piston and spring guide.
There was no need to replace the O-rings, just a tiny bit of lubricant to the moving parts and you are good to go. This gave me a 100% air seal in my cylinder.

Spring compatibility - I have tried a few springs with these parts with mixed results.
Action army M150- worked the best for me, nice and quiet
PDI 520 and 450 - i had trouble with these springs for some reason, it might just be me but the piston wouldnt catch on the piston sear with these springs.
Sniper one 500fps - worked fine although not one of the better springs i have used. I personally think theres only one good thing that sniper one make and thats their cylinder heads.

My setup -
VSR 10 Pro
430mm 6.01mm EDGI barrel (unbridged)
Action army hop unit
Maple leaf monster 70 degree hop rubber
Maple leaf omega nub
Action army one piece upper receiver
Action army teflon cylinder
Sniper one cylinder head
Springer custon works S8 trigger
Action army T10 bolt handle
Springer custom works piston
Springer custom works spring guide
Cut down Action army M150 spring

Field Test - on the day of testing my rifle chronoed at 485 to 487 fps on 0.20g bbs. I was using 0.43g bbs during gameplay.
The bolt pull seemed quite alot smoother using the piston and spring guide over previous weeks using other parts (laylax, action army).
The range was very good hitting my targets between 40 and 80 metres 9/10. im very confident that these parts could hit targets much further out but i have no need to be shooting past 80m.
the consistency between shots is very very good, had no issue with any bbs missing target area.

Final thoughts- i must say personally i think springer custom works have done a excellent job at creating these parts and for me are on par if not better than any other on the market. At just around £70, its a real bargain and along with their trigger will be going into every one of my builds.
Get a 10/10 from me.
I highly recommend this company and will be doing lots of business with them in the future.
Just like to say thanks to Springer custom works for letting me review the parts.
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