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Hi all. Just wanted to see who had experience with doing SR-25/M110 HPA builds to get an idea of what body/configuration will give me the least headaches when installing/ensure i get the best alignment and performance possible. I was initially looking at doing a M14 build, and as much as I would love to do one, there's not many HPA options available as it is an offset nozzle.

For the sr-25 build though, I'm looking at either a Mechanical N7 or Drop in Mancraft PDIK 2.5 as the engine. I run a Redline Mini SFR Regulator and a 68/4500 tank on my back.
Not too worried about Trigger adjustment and a high ROF; more concerned about power/consistency. which is why the Mechanicals are appealing here. I'll likely run a Prometheus barrel/maple leaf bucking and going to go for either .46 or .48 bbs in all likelihood. My primary outdoor field allows up to 3J for DMRs and Snipers, but i'm ok going with a build that's about 2.5 as well since I know most fields tend to not let DMRs go that high.

I'm not dead-set on any particular barrel length; just the SR-25 platform itself. That being said, I'm going to run a Novritsch suppressor so I was focusing on the standard m4 length (ie ~363mm). That way the gun isn't 2 miles long.

Through my research so far, these are the donors that have shown up a lot.

A&K Sr25 (Cheap but I'm unsure how long the body will hold up/if it will give me grief when installing)
CA M110 (Seems to be a solid balance in price and quality, but I also found the least info on this one)
G&G sr-25/Tr-16 308 (Nice, but proprietary mags and hopup)
ARES M110 (Looks amazing and I have heard great things, but I don't know if I'm ready to burn a hole in my wallet THIS massive right now. Also proprietary mags like the G&G).

I'm open to any donor gun type/etc. What would be your choice for pulling this off in the best way? Thanks for taking the time to read all this; just trying to save myself from as much pain as possible later on!
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