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After building my l129a1 and awaiting my r-hop patches, i put it together with a flat hop. sorbo flat nub and im getting left hooking shots cosistently. The nub is level when looking down the barrel and isnt twisted. Also noticed i have a full non ported cylinder with a 350mm barrel. Is this screwing with my accuracey? Also after each shot on semi my nozzle is left partly retracted, this is even with an Ab mosfet. confused to say the least.
Try shimming the nub on the left side(facing forward) slightly and see what happens, it should either straighten it up or even push the bbs right if its to much..... just cuz it looks straight doesn't nesseccarily mean that it is in practice, god knows I found that out the hard way >:

The barrel length might be causing over volume, try a heavier bb before you start drilling holes in anything, that should try and replicate lower cylinder volume.... out of interest what FPS and bbs/weight are you running in her.... I assume its a her anyway :shrug:

And yes, you do have slight over spin, I get it on mine, you'll find that the sector gear has spun on to the point that the tappet plate spring has taken on the extra duty of a brake but the motor magnet is to strong for it to unwind again thus holding the nozzle open slightly, don't worry though the piston will still be at rest and no tension on the spring, there is the advantage that it puts the sector gear at a point that it more or less starts instantly on trigger pull..... the only real cure for it is to use lighter gears so the braking acts more effectively.

As long as its not double feeding all is good :tup:
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