I'm selling my Novritsch SSG10a1. It's been upgraded with an Action Army hopup chamber, Maple leaf autobot silicone 2021 70degree bucking, Masada Hop Arm, Modify Hybrid 6.01 433mm precision barrel, m170 spring with fps adjuster rings, cylinder sleeve for smoother bolt pull. Chrono at 507fps. Great range and accuracy no problems hitting man sized targets over 300 ft with. 48s. Custom paint job and comes with 6 mags, Novritsch sling, Novritsch barrel adapter for suppressor, Novritsch foam filled suppressor, m160 spring, gun case, Carl Zeiss 6-24x50 repro scope with sunshade and scope rings also painted to match. $400 shipping included but only for the lower 48 states in the US