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SSG24 UK Import Costs?

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Hi guys, just a quickie, can anyone confirm the import tax cost to get the Novritsch SSG24 into the UK, last I paid £88 can anyone else confirm this? Thanks
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Hi, my ssg24 was sen to uk on 17.03.2018. My gun is in international hun awaiting customs clearance since 19.03.2018. Anyone know how long they will be checking it?
The import costs will depend on the value of the package. I had just the gun, and mine came to about £70. My friend had spare mags and a few other accessories, and his came in at closer to £100. That includes ParcelForce's costs as well. I can't remember exactly what the breakdown is, but it was approximately 10% of package value, plus £20ish.

Mine took about 10 days awaiting customs clearance, and then 2 days for ParcelForce to deliver once my payment was received. You should receive a letter soon asking for payment, but could contact them if you think it's been too long.
So there are 3 costs right. The ssg, the postage and the import/customs. So are the import/customs and the postage combined to be around £80? Or are they seperate costs. Eg: £45 postage and £80 import?
Do customs hold the rifle until you've paid, then send to the shipping address or do you have to pick it up?
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