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A thread for every known problem of Nov's SSX23 out of the box pistol and how users can fix all these problems that might appear. If anyone knows a problem that isn't in the list below, then send me a message to add it on the list with solution, or any other suggestion-corrections about this thread. Each one that will send me a p.m with problem/fix instructions will be mentioned.
I want to keep the thread clean, only with every pistol's problems in the 1st post, and solutions in the 2nd post.

1) Sticky trigger (trigger stays in aft position after is pulled).
2) Not feeding.
3) Double feeding (Trigger Pull).
4) Feeding issues.
5) BBs jammed inside the suppressor.
6) Slide Jamming.

7) Sticky Trigger-Issue No2:
In the following video (0:00-5:20), is the installation of a 3d printed seal plastic. This part is installed below the rubber gas router in order to improve gas efficiency. This part may cause trigger stuck as it raises the rubber gas router. See solution for No1 problem (Sticky Trigger).

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1) Sand slightly this part of the nozzle or watch this video .
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2) The problem might occurred because of the nozzle part. You just need to sand it down a little bit (video).

3) This problem occurs when trigger pull is pulled the wrong way. Don't pull the trigger halfway and then release it. Watch this video to avoid this issue.

4) Magazine feed lips is the cause of this issue in 1st gen. magazines. Just make them a bit round by sanding video or buy the v.2 feeding lips from Nov's or buy the 2nd generation magazines.

Another cause is if the bbs aren't stacked correctly inside the magazine.
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5) The reason for this problem are the smaller diameter of foaming discs than the inner diameter of the suppressor. The gap between the suppressor's wall and foaming discs makes the discs to wobble a lot inside, and getting in the way of flight path of the bbs. So the bbs are trapped inside and blocks the exit. Cut new disc foams in correct diameter or contact Nov's support to send new ones.

6) This is caused by the TDC cover that comes in contact with the slide and prevents the slide from repositioning (forward movement) when it is pulled back by hand. Just sand a little bit the upper front part of TDC cover.
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