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Staggered respawn At Large/ national games

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So i have proposed a staggered Respawn for milsims/Large ops that is getting wild reviews and is slowly taking root

the point is that certain roles are more important than others and so have longer respawn etc.

how much longer does it take to train a sniper than a regular rifleman; or a medic or general for that matter?

what will happen this way is allow for people to play as the role they want instead of saying we ony want 10 snipers per team and since you didn't register fast enough or aren't my friend your **** out of luck now the hosts don't punish the player he punishes himself
for an example
rifleman 5 min respawn
medic 10 min respawn
sniper 15 min respawn
officer/ squad leader 30 min respawn
general/ team leader 1 hour respawn

this allows for our role to have a much more important aspect of shooting while punishing us for "ramboing" Everyone i've talked to loves it and are slowly phasing it into there games.
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Really good idea! i will definetly try it out with my goup later today :)
and those respawn times are just a suggestion plz feel free to mold to fit ur game
Yeah, +1 for the great idea. I get a few small games going once and awhile and am thinking of using this. Probably will cut the time down due to the fact that its a smaller game but great idea nonetheless.
We tried that except for that the snipers had 30 mins and team leaders had no respawn.
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