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dude the folding stock is sick... IN FACT the whole gun is a work of art! man too bad i don't have a couple hundred dollars that i am not already gonna use.

any way i had some questions does it come with fluted barrel flash hider bipod scope and quick adjustable cheek screws

and did you say semi so you don't have to cock it every time? then whats the point of a bolt
it comes with EVERYTHING you see, and the wording "safe/semi" is poorly translated from Japanese or where ever STAR is located. it is supposed to read as "Safe/Fire". it is still just a bolt action gun.

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[quote:rv1e8tcj]booo real AI guns....

get an H-S Precision. MUCH better, plus a 3 shot 1/2 MOA @100yds gurantee
H-S Precision doesn't MAKE guns, they build them. Also, MOA isn't relative to the yardage. If it's really a half-minute gun, it'll shoot that 600 yards too. Not to mention real groupings are shot in 5's. Three is just a military "good enough" mindset for conserving ammunition.

If you just want to take it to competitions and shoot for score, H-S will do you more than fine. It'll probably shoot better than most people are actually able.

However, if you want to take a precision rifle to battle, Accuracy International is the way to go.

Not to mention the .338 Lapua Magnum versus the .308 Winchester is no contest. The .338 has the distance of the .50 (M82) with the accuracy of the .308 (M40), AND when the round strikes a person at 1500 yards, it is still carrying enough power to punch through standard body armor. [/quote:rv1e8tcj]

I know HS Presicision doesnt "make" guns... neither does AI.

all AI is, is a Remington M700 long-action on an "EWS" (exotic weapon system) chaise, a refined bolt, and an air-guaged, match barrel.

if your talking about a gun being "rugged", yeah, AI has everyone beat becuase of their bedding system. but, at the same time, my Ruger 10/22 has the EXACT SAME bedding system!!! so all AI has done there, is beef up that area of the gun so it can hold up to the stress of a .338 Lapua Magnum's recoil (which kicks more than my .50). I dont know why people bash the .50 so much, it has a much longer effective range than everybody talks about. NATO forbids the use of match grade hunting ammo for the .50BMG rifles, so they are restricted to using the same crap that the M2HBs use. and furthermore, the .338 is an "intermediate" round which means that it is exactly inbetween the .50BMG and the .308. it was also designed SPECIFICALLY for anti-personel at long range. the .308 is a multipurpose round. and you are NOT going to take a shot closer than 300 yds with a .338 because the bullet doesnt fully stabelize until ~560 yards as opposed to the .308 which has a much flatter trajectory.

The greatest all-purpose round for active military engagement purposes is the .338 Lapua Magnum because of it's velocity and accuracy.
also wrong... the .408 CheyTac is the best round to date

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I'm sorry. You don't know what you are talking about. It would be nice if you state WHY you think the way you do, and possibly cite some sources, unless you feel stupid citing Marky Mark and "Shooter" as a source...

You are partly correct about AI and their bedding system. Accuracy International DOES make their own rifles, from the ground up. However, they ALSO offer a more cost effective route for those that like the stock and it's features.

The stock you refer to, the Accuracy International Chassis System (AICS), is designed for Remington 700 actions.

Here is a link to it.

Here is a review of a REAL Accuracy International Arctic Warrior in .338 LM.
Please note the line under the first picture. This means that it is, in fact, not assembled, but created.

Just because your Butler Creek or Bell and Carlson stock ATTACHES to the receiver of your 10/22 the same way as a AICS to Rem700, does not make them equal.

Please note this line in the above cited review, "The flat-bottomed AI receiver is permanently bonded to an aluminum chassis that extends from the butt-stock to front of the forend. Stock-side "skins" are then clam-shelled around the chassis to create the stock. Because of this design, the rifle is unaffected by environmental changes; bedding is not required."

Which I why I stated that AI's are the best and most durable. M40's and National Match M14's are glass and pillar bedded. This creates uniformity in the connection between the action, stock, and the bolts which attach them. It also wears and can be easily jacked up if you spill CLP or something into the stock.

Thank you for reiterating that the .338 LM is an intermediate round. I believe I made this point within my comparison.

NATO doesn't forbid match grade rounds in SASR's. Nothing is "forbidden". The only thing you can't use in them are SLAP rounds (Saboted Light Armor Penetrator). In case you don't know what "sabot" means...
Essentially, a small bullet is put in plastic and then shoot down a big barrel. It goes faster and pierces armor. The reason they can't be used is because the plastic is shed from around the real bullet and it blows back at the shooter because of the M82 muzzle brake. You can take off the muzzle brake and then fire them.

The .308 doesn't have a flatter trajectory than the .338. Sorry. Look it up.

I also stated that it was my opinion that it would be the best all around round. Not the ONLY round. There are purposes for everything. I do believe I said that as well.
dont know what im talking about??? I work at a Class 3 shooting range!!! we get AIs in all the time! i know from PERSONAL EXPERIANCE that AI is overrated. we also had a CheyTac Intervention in our shop 6 years before the launch of the movie Shooter and the show Future Weapons.

the 10/22 i built OUT PREFORMED an Accuracy International and an Accuracy Speaks "Palmer" rifle at the 2007 Regional Scout/Sniper event other than the targets beyond 200yds. I personally didint do all that great at the end of the event, but i still beat 4 USMC Snipers which is good enough with me! there is always next year.

and being a .50 owner, i have looked up every single law reguarding that round and it is in fact forbidden by NATO to shoot someone with a .50BMG sniper rifle. and i said match grade HUNTING ammo. it is also forbidden to use anything but a steel core round, in any rifle caliber. and saying "you can take off the muzzle break and shoot them" is wrong. the muzzle break on a Barrett reduces the recoil by 70%. if you were to take it off, you would litterally blow your arm out of place.

and ive already looked up the balistic capabilities of a .308.

EDIT: can we both stop acting like girls and quit bickering about this? its obvious we are disagreeing about this subject and arguing back and forth isnt helping. plus we are totally hijacking this tread. i can go all day about this, im not saying i dont like AI, they are good guns, but i am saying that they are not "the best" there are better, more reliable rifles out there. AI is definately up there on the charts. but anyway, can we act like mature adults and call a truce on this subject?

Another EDIT: here is a pic of my 10/22 so nobody else thinks full of shit

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