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Steel inner barrel va stock brasa inner barrel, the results of an upgrade?

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Hi friends! some time ago I bought a laylax barrel 6.03, to improve my m28, which has a stock gun 6.05 that gave me good results of grouping with the PDI W bucking, after changing the barrel for one laylax along with a rubber maple leaf decepticon, the results .... they were not so great in the grouping, i still have the stock chamber( no upgrades for that ) maybe is the modified hop up arm that i made, but it has the same concave shape of the maple leaf one, or maybe the problem is in the barrel? What do you recomend that i should do?
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does the barrel still have the bridge?
I think so
Nope, I removed it, the laylax shoot well in terms of distance and power for the fact of being a barrel 6.03, but the grouping of the shots, if I could put a rating of 1 to 10 would put a 6.9
Something must be off, probably your modded hop arm (remember that the maple leaf one has the contact patch slightly off center) or your un-bridging of the barrel is not well done, maybe not wide enough or the right shape for the ML bucking.
I would recommend using you PDI WHold with your laylax barrel and then OEM hop arm (if the mod is reversible) while (if) you wait for a proper ML arm and maybe re-work your barrel
The wide is good, the contact patch fitts inside the hole of the barrel, i think i will wait for the maple leaf arm and test it, if i had the same problems....well i will need your help again, but i'll wait until the hoparm arrives, i don't want to dissasembly and reassembly over and over againg, I think that ruin the rifle
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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