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(double entendre!)
hey all, not a sniping specific question per-se, but I figured the experience in this forum would be worth plumbing.
Im currently running a CTR stock on my KA M4A1, which is currently filling it's intended role of assault rifle as opposed to DMR. Im running a 7.4 lipo in the Buffer tube under a Magpul CTR stock and I am frequently running into the problem of running out of juice mid-day. I can fit a roughly 1300Mah in there, and an equal sized 11.1 will fit as well if I coax it, but I lose most of my collapsability.
I'd like to find a collapsable stock to replace my beloved CTR which will give me more battery and MOSFET space; ie similar to a crane stock. The hitch is, I'd rather not run a crane stock, and I'd rather not run a battery bag outside the stock.
Let me hear what you think!

here's the current setup:
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Mmm... King Arm's M4's... I would be using mine but I accidentally melted my air nozzle....
I don't know much about stocks; I just run the standard LE and handguard. I can, however, use a 9.6 2000 MaH battery in the handguard. Although like you, I rewired mine to the rear now, and plan to use a battery bag, so I imagine you're not too keen on doing it again just to reverse what you already did...
What do you not like about crane stocks? Because it would seem it may be the only way to get a well sized battery in there, aside from the front-wired battery or an M16-sized stock.
I've been wanting one of these for a while. Still crane stock-ish, but cooler in my opinion.
Yep, never thought of a 416 stock, good idea.
Just not a big fan of the look mostly of crane stocks. I like the slimline of the CTR, and how I can get a good cheek weld with it while wearing my half face mesh mask. Ideally, I would love to get a magpul UBR stock, as I've always had a big love of them, but they are even harder to fit batteries in.
I went with a rear wiring system for the sake of balance. I had a SIG 552 and hated it due to the front-heaviness, while my KA m4 is much better in that regard.
Two that I am considering are the Magpul ACS and VLTOR Emod, but Im not sure if the "saddle" compartments meant for CR123 bats in the RS versions are able to fit batteries connected through the buffer tube. Looks like the Emod for instance has ports to the front, where the ACS may open to the rear. Just have to check em out I suppose. Dobey, that Magpul STR looks very similar to the ACS, just an update maybe? It would be nice to see a over/under tube variation of a crane/CTR type stock, if only for airsoft use. Keep it nice and skinny.
I saw an airsoft gi livestream where they had a "battle axe" stock with tons of storage inside. Im sure that with alittle modding, you could plug in a pretty big battery.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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