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(double entendre!)
hey all, not a sniping specific question per-se, but I figured the experience in this forum would be worth plumbing.
Im currently running a CTR stock on my KA M4A1, which is currently filling it's intended role of assault rifle as opposed to DMR. Im running a 7.4 lipo in the Buffer tube under a Magpul CTR stock and I am frequently running into the problem of running out of juice mid-day. I can fit a roughly 1300Mah in there, and an equal sized 11.1 will fit as well if I coax it, but I lose most of my collapsability.
I'd like to find a collapsable stock to replace my beloved CTR which will give me more battery and MOSFET space; ie similar to a crane stock. The hitch is, I'd rather not run a crane stock, and I'd rather not run a battery bag outside the stock.
Let me hear what you think!

here's the current setup:
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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