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Stock questions...

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Hey guys i was looking and i got all excited when i found the stock that i have always wanted... But my question is will it work

I have a G&G M14 and i know that some stocks wont fit with other and visa versa... so the stock that i was looking at says compatable with TM version gear box. Well i looked at a TM M14 gear box and it appears to be the same as a G&G. So i am turning to you guys to get your opinion.

Here is the stock.....
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I'm gonna guess that it would move it to the handle, as it also comes with a length of wire, which you wouldn't need if it moved it into the stock ;)

As for the EBR.... Nooooooo! Don't do it to your self dude, they weigh a feking ton, your day jobs hard enough, don't make yourself miserable on your fun time too, 90% of the guys over here who have either bought or converted one, at great cost, have sold it on after only a couple of games, for a complete loss, purely because its to heavy :(
What about this little beaut

Best of both worlds
you might be able to fit it to a G&G, would be good if you could but i still think its gona be heavy ;)
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I quite like it because it still looks like a gun rather than a kids Mecanno set someone decided to ram a barrel down the middle of, and called it 'the EBR'
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