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Stock Replacement

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I have a G&G L96 and would like to switch out the AICS style stock with a more traditional one. Looking at the major retailers around I cannot see any for sale, does anyone know where or if they are made?
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Are you looking for more of a VSR style stock? I once put an L96 reciever onto a Tac-9 stock. Was a little work but nothing bad. I have a spare Bar10 stock here if you need buddy.
As far as know there are no spare stocks or other style stocks for the G96, you can use a real or one from an Airsoft gun and mod them to fit.
Also note that you'll need to make a magwell with mag release for it as most of the springer don't have the mag release for your mags.
It would be better to find a Tanaka magwell and mod it to fit your mags.

Im with Wolf on this one ^^

Dang, that is kinda what I feared when Google returned with a blank. I guess my last hope would be if a KJW M700 stock would fit, might be able to find one in a boneyard for cheap. Anyone know if those would fit together?
The G*G L96 is gas isn't it?

If so I would see no reason why a Tanaka stock wouldn't fit. It may need some minor mods to it, but it shouldn't be to hard to do.
It is indeed gas, I will look into mods like that then, the biggest issue would be the mag well. the mags for a Tanaka/KJW M700 do not fit in the G&G.
When you buy the KJW stock make sure to get the magwell and mod it to fit the wider G&G mag.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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