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Stock TM G-Spec

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TM G-Spec

I received this gun and another not more than a month ago. This gpsec is completely TM stock. The trigger set has probably seen around 300 rounds on a 400 fps setup and maybe 100 on the stock setup. This gun has minor scratches, the largest of which is on the left side of the receiver next to the bolt, it will need paint. The only major cosmetic defect is that a peice of the rubber butt is torn and is now hanging when it is not taped up with electrical tape. None of these affect performance in any way.

This rifle is SUPER quiet, inaudible past about 15 feet. This provides the perfect base for a sniper rifle platform with either a 550 fps setup, 400 fps, or whatever you want to make it.

Price: $165

*Scope not included*
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That is the price $165 that isnt bad you might be hearing from me but why so expensive.
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