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Strange mp001 cylinder problem..need help

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Ok,before I get into this,the rifle in question im working on is an agm mp001 with the following mods
Diy tdc
Rubber grommet barrel spacers
Foam filled stock
Diy tapered cylinder head with teflon tape on threading.
shimmed hop up arm
teflon taped bucking
shaved hop up bucking mound
Shs steel steel piston sear and shs steel vsr sear
This put the rifle from 350 fps with a 130 ft range to 448 fps with an effective range of 185 ft.Yes both tests were using .20 bbs.For some reason after i did all of these mods,the rear of the cylinder separated from the bolt handle assembly causing the cylinder to become slight bent to the right.When I pull back the bolt,it goes fine until the last millimeter when i really have to force the bolt into the reciever.Then,as i put the bolt handle in the down position it fires on its own.My sears,piston,spring guide,and spring are all fine.What on earth can i do to fix this?And yes i know the bar 10 is superior.I have other rifles....i just want to see if i can fix this one.
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Get a cylinder kit from EdGI! You won't regret it!

If you want to keep the stock cylinder then the only suggestion I can think off is filing down the reciever slightly so that the cylinder doesn't get forced against it.
I'm not sure why it is firing when you put the bolt handle down though. :S
Is it the cylinder that bent??? Or is it the handle assembly that came out of the cylinder?? If its the handle assembly that came out my brother had the same problem all he did was look for brass or copper pipe with the same diameter as the cylinder and made a new one. Following the measurements and cuts on the original cylinder. After he was done cutting it out he drilled the hole and used a pin to hold the handle assembly and the cylinder together.
Try tightening the screw on the back of your bolt with an allen key.
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