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Stripping Screws

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How many of you strip the screws on your guns? I must strip every screw within spitting distance and had to get out my dremel to make a slit in the screw for flat-heads. Which is pretty ironic considering I build stuff out of random stuff a lot and I srew everything together.

More times than not they are the smaller hex screws that I strip. Those things just don't hold thier shape. I never feel like a screw is tight enough. Why I will never become a tech haha.
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i like the dremel idea i think il do that next time i strip a screw out
Dude,I do it ALL the time,lol.. I am always over tightening my screws. I will never learn so it seems.
I found if you strip the female threads, you can just use a screw with larger threads, like a dry wall screw or something. Learned that by stripping the threads in my trigger box haha.
Yep.... Thats what I've been doing for 20 years or so,lol.. I try not to use drywall screws but it also depends what I am working on. I have a giant tub of various screws and bolts etc...
I have separate tubs for my screws, washers and nuts, sprrings, etc. I've been collecting them for years, and when my great grandfather died I found out so did he, so now my screw collection weighs about fifteeen pounds hahaha. 70 years of collected screws, he had.
Sorry to hear about grandpa.. Mines not been doing so good the last few years either.. he is in a retirement home now. He started a garbage company about 60 or so years ago "Stevens disposal" so yeah he collected a whole lotta stuff,lol.. I grew up with him "hes like my dad" and now I cant pass up a washer,screw,bolt or anything I see laying on the ground,lol.. I have coffee cans full of all sorts of stuff "all seperated too" there is maybe 6 or 7 of them in the basement along with ice cream buckets full Even the wife is a hoarder,lol.. Thats why everyone comes to me when their stuff breaks,
My great grandpa died at 97 after owning a machine shop for about 60 years. You can imagine how many machine-y things he collected. In school I'm known for knowinghow to fix or build anything because I kept most of his tools. My family is more of a techy group, so I'm the only one who does any outdoors things and who does anything not computer related. That's why I was the only one who wanted the tools and stuff.

With all these precision tools I know how to use, like a 15 inch micrometer (yes the one that screws and measures to the ten thousandth of an inch) you would think I could refrain from stripping a screw.

//rant over
Why are all the screws I strip either:

-Vital to mechanical function
-Mine (never a friends!)

!!! :(
With all these precision tools I know how to use, like a 15 inch micrometer (yes the one that screws and measures to the ten thousandth of an inch) you would think I could refrain from stripping a screw.

//rant over
Thats funny,lol.. it happens though buddy.. lots of these things are made with a crappy pot metal and strip easily..

As for Adman.. Yeah that always seems to be how it goes,lol.. What I love is when the screw get almost in and starts getting tight and the dang head pops off.. Now I have a stupid screw stuck in the hole and cant finish getting it in or back out so I have to try drilling/tapping it out again.. I have done that recently and really makes me go nuts.. last year I did that a few times and was so mad I whipped my rifle across the yard,lol.. "not a great way to show the kids how to maintain my cool" but I just had enough and lost it.. I was trying to mount a scope rail on top my old R700. I busted it up bad enough to make it a parts rifle.. Dang tempers!
I normally strip the screw heads. Very seldom do I strip the threads. The heads are fixable, but for the threads you might have to re-tap to a larger size. I never really do work on irriplacible screws, or any friend's screws. Most of my friends are either know it alls whp are in honors classes (the ones who do nothing but study) or are obsessed with video games and spend hundreds to get every console they can dream of. I'm the only one who has much common sense (like how people who do nothing but study have intelligence, but no common sense) so I'm the only one who has done anything concerning working with materials. Common sense as in general knowledge, not cleverness. Although that too haha. Another rant over.
My worst screw strip was the screw in my RS SVD hop chamber adjust. I had to buy a whole new chamber! ($30) just for the one screw!

But there have been other times when I just have to improvise (stripped a thread for a screw in my DSG box, so I wrapped it in teflon tape and now I treat it very gently :D
I once accidentally broke the screw head clean off. Don't ask how, it was a really old screw. I took a very small drill bit and drilled through the center of the screw VERY caredully. I then took a pin with a wide head and dripped some gorilla glue on the end and ran some water into the screw. after 24 hours I grabbed the pin which was inside of the screw with a pair of pliers and finally was able to twist the screw out.
Screw heads are so easy to strip it seems.. I could swear back in the day they made them better! I dont strip the threads on the screw very often,its the holes I strip. I went and got some tap set and what not to do the tasks. I most of the time its cause I am using the wron type screwdriver. A larger handle makes it easier to put more pressure and tighten more. So now I try to use smaller screwdrivers! Hard to over torque with them little black ones that come with the guns.
I normally don't strip them the first time. It takes a while but even with smaller drivers I strip the heads.
If i strip out hex screws i take a small drill bit and drill the hole deeper. Then take the next size up hex driver and hammer it in there. Of course that method doesn't work for grub screws but you get what I'm saying.

I only strip screws on the motor grip of my m4. I have yet to mess up any others. Using quality tools, applying proper down pressure, and the angle helps out a lot btw.

Although if you're screwing into plastic...
Yeah I do that too. And for sure the proper angle is way important! I have stripped a few m4 motor grip screw holes,lol..
Look up a think called an E-Z Out to get out a screw. I always try to replace all the screws I can to Hex so its harder to stip the heads.
i strip hex screws more frequently actually. After a while I wear out the head and it starts becoming round, then the allen wrench just slips through.
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