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Stronger BBU glock replacement

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Hi!, i wanna know which blowback housing is more durable for my glock 17, mine glock has the zero hammer design and i really don't know if that design can wear or damage the bbu in the rear part, (that gap where the hammer rest) i search for some BBU upgrades and i found this brands: guarder, AIP, RTS, which one could be better?
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In 10 years of playing airsoft, including 5 of being an airsoft mechanic, I've never, ever seen a stock BBU fail.

So if you're planning on changing it for durability... just don't. There's no point on doing that, as the stock one will last forever.

Aftermarket BBUs are meant either to provide slightly faster cycling at the expense of lighter recoil (light weight BBUs such as the three you linked to) or to increase recoil by having a wider nozzle and seal, heavier weight and other means, such as Volante's
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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