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Stupidness with UTG l96 hopup.

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SO being the stock l96 hopup we all know it is horrendously bad. So I got mine and the arm that touched the bucking was broken of course.So I was being stupid of course and wonder what if I shoved a aeg nub in there so I did I sanded down the arm part flat then put a stock nub in and centered it in the chamber. Do you think it will work? I just got bored so I tried that. Yet to be tested.
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That nub should work fine. I've also heard of people cutting a little bit off of the metal rod in the cylinder and using that.

As for the bucking, a VSR-10 bucking will work a lot better than an AEG bucking. You'll have to cut off the little tab on the side of course though. But, if you got the AEG bucking to work fine, then that's cool, I just couldn't imagine it fitting right because of the size.
He didn't talk about the bucking. And it's l96, not vsr. :p
Yeah, I misread; the grammar was kinda hard to follow. I know it's a Type 96, I thought he was talking about the bucking and a VSR-10 bucking will fit in the stock chamber with the tab sliced off.

Back on topic though, that's pretty good results. I may try it once I get my Type 96 back in working order. The same piece is broken on mine, and broke on the last one I owned. I guess it's just pretty weak plastic.
I know I just need some fine tuning but before that I will make my always wanted Hello Kitty L96. Hmm Pink Revciver with a purple hello kitty logo and a silver barrel and black scope. It will just need alot of upgrades screw camo and silent this is going to be a loud and high range rifle. Going to look very cool or megaly gay. I`m fine with either. This will be my show rifle lol. My first was my spring famas.
LOL, why not go with some "mean" looking colors?
I don't know, they still might laugh lol. What inspired the Hello Kitty theme? Just curious..
I've seen the first rifle that you linked before searching on google. I think it had an Asian guy smoking a cigarette and he had pink BDU's haha. I'll link it if I can find it again.

EDIT: Here it is:
^^LOL @ fuzzy.

You should probably just go to a store in the mall called "Limited Too" and purchase some stickers of you liking and slap those on the rifle. Although, I'd just order some to save the embarrassment..
I don't even know if they have one, I just know that it's a "pre-teen" girls store so I threw it out there.
LOL, I think you should get the cammies that the guy in the above picture had.
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