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Stupidness with UTG l96 hopup.

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SO being the stock l96 hopup we all know it is horrendously bad. So I got mine and the arm that touched the bucking was broken of course.So I was being stupid of course and wonder what if I shoved a aeg nub in there so I did I sanded down the arm part flat then put a stock nub in and centered it in the chamber. Do you think it will work? I just got bored so I tried that. Yet to be tested.
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What I found out It shoots quieter. Seems to be alot more consistent and seems like same or maybe higher fps sounds alot more on impact sounds. Took a 2 tries but I got it perfected. First try bbs only went like 40 feet then drop alot.Also not able to pentrate a soda can side. Next try seems to have back its fps range and consistency testing will be soon. No more broken hopup that seems like I can shoot around cornors with it literaly. After 100 feet it makes a sharp sharp left turn possibly able to go around a cornor....
Okay consistency seems to be decent for being able to hit a frog stuffed animal at 60 yes. I know I`m just found one. Basically the body is half the size of a coke can and the hand 1.5x wider. Seems to be quite nice. Using .36 pretty nice.
I know I just need some fine tuning but before that I will make my always wanted Hello Kitty L96. Hmm Pink Revciver with a purple hello kitty logo and a silver barrel and black scope. It will just need alot of upgrades screw camo and silent this is going to be a loud and high range rifle. Going to look very cool or megaly gay. I`m fine with either. This will be my show rifle lol. My first was my spring famas.
Oh gosh no.
To be honest Don`t really know I just feel like Hello kitty and then stuck and had a dream to paint a l96 pink with a hello kitty logo. I guess this made me want it more. But its not going to have stickers on it. Full pink body with maybe purple tiger strips if I feel like it and Purple That symbol. Everyone is of course going to laugh its going to get out some giggles. And to JR its going to be a fielded rifle too. Camo not going to be a issue because I`ll be spotted like a mile away already. Also I may do flames around hello kitty to look meaner for you Wesley. Its either this camo or A-Tacs. Umm Pink camo ftw? I may be getting my G&P m16vn this week off of Ehobbyasia. Is that a good place to buy from and is the G&P m16vn they sell not like a knock off.
Thanks JR probably the 2nd one. With no bones. Easier for me to paint lol.
Yeah I know he was at Op. Irene
Yup. Lol. Hello Kitty fan XD
Well I also got one more thing how would you guys paint a logo or the hello kitty logo on your guns?
Do they have plain black? I`ll go check it out. Hopefully I can find a pirate one I`ll pretend I`m doing it for my girlfriend or something. Thats normal right?
Should I make a Pink and Grey ghillie to accompany it lol? Or is that crossing the limit.
Lol. Invisble good luck finding me.
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