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Stupidness with UTG l96 hopup.

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SO being the stock l96 hopup we all know it is horrendously bad. So I got mine and the arm that touched the bucking was broken of course.So I was being stupid of course and wonder what if I shoved a aeg nub in there so I did I sanded down the arm part flat then put a stock nub in and centered it in the chamber. Do you think it will work? I just got bored so I tried that. Yet to be tested.
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Is that the guy from Airsoft sniper parts UK? if it is I just ordered one of them tonight :D
Thanks for the info Fuzzy.
I ordered a new hop rubber and hop arm as out of two second hand L96's both had broken hop arms :shrug:
I only ordered them last night after usual business hours but have heard good things about the company,
I will keep you all posted on how I get on :tup:
I think for a target/show rifle go with what ever you want, especially if it shoots really well because people will not laugh once they see what it can do :D
1 - 4 of 34 Posts
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