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Stupidness with UTG l96 hopup.

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SO being the stock l96 hopup we all know it is horrendously bad. So I got mine and the arm that touched the bucking was broken of course.So I was being stupid of course and wonder what if I shoved a aeg nub in there so I did I sanded down the arm part flat then put a stock nub in and centered it in the chamber. Do you think it will work? I just got bored so I tried that. Yet to be tested.
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Dazz sells l96 hop up levers for a very cheap price.
Is that the guy from Airsoft sniper parts UK? if it is I just ordered one of them tonight :D
Yes sir, I believe so.
Well I also got one more thing how would you guys paint a logo or the hello kitty logo on your guns?
What is wrong with you... :/
1 - 3 of 34 Posts
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