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Sucker Punch !

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Just saw it, Loved it !

Then I had to come home and check IMFDB to make sure that I was correct in identifying the guns of the main characters.

I was.

Ya the movie is good. The tactical work is great. I have to say that Angilena Jolie in movies like Mr and Mr Smith (one of my fav movies) her body language sucks in gun scenes. I dont know what it is, but most chicks in gun flicks just dont look like they are up to the bussiness of useing guns.

But these girls, for the little time on screen they are doing the work. Ya, um hmm, it looks right.

Decent story, interesting way to tell it, and great visuals on all fronts.
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Babydoll ran the .45 and Katana. Then in the dragon scene, she was running with a MP7.

Rocket ran the UMP

And sweet pea an with the M4 all the time, and it was supressed when they went and did in the dragon.

Blondie, ran an MP5k.

Amber (asian) is the pilot and runs the Mecha. So I dont remember her having any guns.

How did you like the story?
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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