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Summer loadout

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A few changes to the loadout.

Ghillie suit (added pants to the loadout and a large od pouch for dumping ammo, and or carrying water

My rifle: mk96
pdi hop up chamber
prommy bucking ( giving it another shot ;) )
pdi nubbin
laylax pison, cylinder head, and spring guide
pdi trigger sear
prometheus barrel 499mm (6.03mm)

Sidearm (currently got her back up and running)
HFC M17: Runs off trusty propane

Here is my glock with all his favorite toys

Here is a pic of a place my friends play. Its a fun place just to get together with friends and play a few games. I live literally in the middle of nowhere.

The dreaded path of death *coughs "ambush" coughs*

And do not worry, this is not a park. Its a old wooded area and the farmer made a path with his big ol' tractor
(just for us kiddies
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Nice looking area dude.

Would be great if we all lived close and were able to get together for a fun game. Will have to get some pics up of my area when I get my rifle up and going again.
Yeah, that would be alot of fun. I will take some more pics of the area including some open spots great for laying with the ghillie. They will be up possibly this friday after a small game.

Would love to see some pictures of your places too :)
This forum needed alittle something. Its been very quiet lately.

New pictures!
I just had a game this past weekend. Getting pics from my buddies mom here soon. They will be added to this thread when I get them
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Alright, sounds good ;) I have some more pics I want to take, so I will put up some more later.
yeah the forum has been very very very dead the last few days... and your field makes me jealous... insanely jealous. it reminds me of STX lanes in Knox... to be completely honest I am becoming very bored with the sport just playing in grassland all the time....
Huh, I always envied the fields out in california :) Maybe I should be thankful for where I play. Although, lately, I have been itching for some cqb type games, but do not have access to anywhere like that.
Umm, that area looks amazing! Maybe I'll go take pictures of our fields soon.

EDIT: What scope is that? It looks like a fairly compact scope which is what I'm looking for.
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Thanks, I made a thread for everyone to post pics of their field, its in the gallery section ;)

As for the scope, its the utg bug buster 4x32 scope with sunshade. I love how its nice and small, but the only problem is that it does not zoom in and out. Would love if it did, as that would make recon and scanning an area so much easier.
Thought I would add my spotter's loadout to the list.

Here is my friends spotter loadout for the summer months.


G36 with vest

All our weapons together for a family shot

G36 with my glock for kicks ;)

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