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Summer Project

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As some of you may remember, I had a thread on a "winter project" (here: that I had posted a while ago. Well it ended up never happening, as I switched to another pistol. However, I am back, and ready to attack another pistol again, as I have some extra cash coming in. This thread will log all of my work, plus allow you to offer me some info that may help me with my project.

I am planning on slowly building a GBB, similar to how I built my primary rifle. Start with it in stock form, and use it, slowly upgrading as parts wear down or I feel need some better quality parts.

Choosing the pistol:

This is probably the most important part. I had been planning on getting myself a KJW glock, as I found one in stock at However, I checked to see how many extra parts (replacement/upgrades) were available, and so far I have concluded that they are scarce. :-/ This is a huge CON for this GBB.

On the contrary, I am also considering a 1911, a GBB that has numerous parts that most likely will always be in stock, as numerous companies offer the parts on their sites.

I do not exactly have a large sum of money to buy a TM at this time. However, similar to my primary, the UTG mk96, I plan on upgrading a clone GBB slowly. While I here the TM's have a great hop up design and are great GBB's, I want something I can work with and buy new parts for. Seems silly, but I want to upgrade it, as this will serve as a nice project for me, plus I can slowly dump some cash in while STILL being able to get out to a game. That means I need money for mags, bbs, etc. and not just the gun itself.

I am leaning towards a WE 1911 of some sort. I am not sure which one yet, but it has to be one that has numerous parts available that will be ready for me when I need them. I also saw they have the base O-rings in case mine were to dry, crack, wear down, etc. That is also a huge plus.

So let me know what kind of recommendations you have. I want these to be 1911 models, so post here what you got.
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Thanks for the input guys.

I was leaning towards the MEU's but was unsure about part compatibility. Evike's description stated how the MEU was compatible with most parts on the site, and generally the upgrade parts/pieces would fit it, so I should be fine, but still need to research everything to confirm this.

I love the MEU's and Kimbers. I saw a WE kimber but it was out of stock on evike. I am bummed but I will manage.

I should be fine with WE mags if I do a little work on them. I plan on using them until they leak, and then modding them from there.
Thanks newbie, that is probably one of my best options as the High Capa's have a ton of parts available. However, I personally think they are ugly as sin. I could probably work with it externally to make it look nice, but as long as the internals are fine then I shouldn't fret about a thing like this.

Its definitely something I am considering. The "full TM cmpatible" is a HUGE plus.
Quite a few members on another forum recommend the TM. I am really starting to sway towards a TM. Despite the heavier price tag, it seems like it will be wayyyy less of a hassle, and even if it has a problem, there are an extreme amount of parts available.

It appears the wallet will have quite the hole in it soon. But from what I have heard both from here and over on MIA, it will be totally worth it.

Thanks Wolf. ;)
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Saw your thread Raz, but I plan on going with a TM. I was tempted to PM you, but decided to start from "scratch" rather than buy used.
Thought I would post an update, for full info regarding this project, check out this thread:

Snagged a TM MEU for $75 with two mags. Plan on adding a third to the list, as well as doing some DIY mods to the mags.


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