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So about six months ago i traded a tm s-system for a slightly damaged Sun project M700 and have spent the time in between researching them, unfortunately the results have been slim. In that time i've acquired a m700 gas bolt that's currently being re-chromed, it came to me shooting 390-400 and after stripping it PTFE taping and cleaning it's shooting over 500 on .2s. I've also found for me APS-2 mags seem to fit and feed as the original mag that came with it is missing the spring although it appears a VSR magazine spring fits.

I found a bearing trigger and sear for sale, so those have been brought and installed.

The spring bolt is shooting at 320-330 fps which i think is mainly to the spring probably being 10 years plus old. So that's where im at currently. So this is my question, does anyone know of any more cross compatible parts for the m700? Some say the m40a1 cylinder will fit other say it won't and there's no cheap way to find out.

I intend on measuring all the parts i can do when i get round to buying some callipers. However finding piston, cylinder and spring measurements for other rifles is difficult, so if anyone has any for other rifles i would be most grateful.

For reference this is the M700

i will try and take some pictures of mine if people are interested and if people have any questions i'll try and help. Also if people have any knowledge or advice on this subject i'd love to hear it.

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