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'sup, greetings from Southern Maryland

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Hi peoples!

My name's Matt, callsign "DDOS Method" (It's an inside joke).

I've played casual airsoft for the past year, and have decided to get into sniping. Many of the guys on my team have said that it fits my play style, and one of them let me borrow their JG Bar-10 for a game. I'm hooked.

I'm limited in several factors, however. I have limited income, due to still being in high school, so I can't do much upgrading yet. There also happens to be no airsoft shops or fields within a 4 hour drive, so backyard is all I can do so far.

Even so, I'd love to start to get into (proper) sniping! Glad I found this forum and hope to get along with all of yuz!

-DDOS Method
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welcome to ASF
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