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[QI]Do you have a ghillie suit? If yes, did you buy it or make it? what does it cover?

Yes I have had two ghillie suits. I made both of them. The one I use the most is built on a BDU shirt and boonie hat. The shirt covers the full length of my arms and my back to just past my butt. I did not cover the front so that I can crawl easier. The boonie hat covers the top, sides and back of my head and comes down to about my collar bones. I don't wear ghillie trousers so that I can move more freely in vegetation.

[Q2]From 1 to 10, how often do you wear the suit?
10. I play in heavy woodland so when I'm sniping I always use it. It's as important as the rifle I'm using.

[Q3]From 1 to 10, how much of your ability to hide from opponents comes from your suit?
8. Because of the 328fps limit and the way I play, I like to get in relitively close behind the enemy's line. So everything that helps me go undetected I use. A couple of times I haven't worn it but I find I can't get away with the same stuff as I do with the ghille. For instance, on numerous occasions I had enemy patrols walk within 3 meters of me and not know I was there. I would have got caught if I wasn't wearing the ghillie.
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