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Who has a SVD? Electric/AEG/Spring. I got mine where is yours?

greased and shimmed my barrel, did wounder for consistency. also mighty mendit works well as temp airy thread lock. found that if you want to "lock DOWN" your gun then take it apart again. good for fine tuning.

my piston is ported. the o ring around it is stock but doesn't fit very well. i understand how the concept works. i found a #6 o ring works as a shim for the stock 0 ring.

who has used Teflon tape around the air nozzle?
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And what is the point of this thread?

I suggest that you go to the top and read some of the rules before posting.
Thanks zulu... glad to see someone else is watching out for the other members

Well if you would go and look at the RULES you will see that we try to keep things as proper and correct as we can around here. The grammar is there to help people from other countries understand what is going on.

And it seems like you will get a visit from the mod fairy fairly soon ... Hope you had fun
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No problem i have with it mojo...
Would like to see what he has to say actually.

Just really pisses a few of us off to see people do this. And not only on this board. I hate it when arrogant bastards come on here and troll. Now this is not pointed toward anyone here past, present, or feature.

But again ... if you don't like the rules, then go somewhere else. And it still appears that you still have yet to read the rules of this forum.
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Great work on the guide... but why on earth would you use grease on your rifle?! I mean I can understand it for the gear box... but wouldn't that get on the hopup and leach into the rifle and destroy any kind of accuracy you may have?
Ummm .... If you have the skills you could make something to fix that.

What rifle are you worried about? That would help knowing

Could be as easy as just finding some tubing that will fit over the barrel and under your hand guard.
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Is there any way to extend the outter barrel to inside the reciever?
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