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Who has a SVD? Electric/AEG/Spring. I got mine where is yours?

greased and shimmed my barrel, did wounder for consistency. also mighty mendit works well as temp airy thread lock. found that if you want to "lock DOWN" your gun then take it apart again. good for fine tuning.

my piston is ported. the o ring around it is stock but doesn't fit very well. i understand how the concept works. i found a #6 o ring works as a shim for the stock 0 ring.

who has used Teflon tape around the air nozzle?
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There's very few guides on SVD's on here simply because it's a rifle with relatively few aftermarket parts. If you want to detail exactly what you upgraded and how you did it to help out people on here, feel free.

But as it is, your post has poor grammar, poor spelling, and is basically incomprehensible. Written like this, it seems like a "look what I did!" post, rather than something helpful. You make a statement that doesn't seem to have a purpose, and you don't seem to have any questions.

I hate to have to spell it out on an adult forum, but that's what woogie was saying. Congratulations, you can copy and paste; woogie still has a valid point. He was trying to help you out
Looks good scurvyblack, that's the kind of stuff we like to see.

Sorry we gave you a rough time, we just really do need proper presentation and explanation due to a variety of nationalities on the boards as well as our fair share of newbies.

Loving the guide, I see what you meant by greasing now.
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I can see that being a problem as well, maybe if he has a way to keep it out of the hopup chamber then it could be a good thing for airseal?

I'm a bit confused though, it's true.
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Sounds good. Perhaps you could try some shrinkwrap or something of the sort around the hop up unit before you insert it into the rifle. Easy to take off when you need to disassemble, and prevents any possible leakage. Of course, I'm not familiar with the internals of ANY SVDs (it's sad, I know ;) ), but I don't see any problems with something of that sort.

And no worries man, we can come off as a bit brusque to newcomers, and misunderstandings happen. (once you see some of the *cough* idiots *cough* that we get here, you'll understand why
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