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Who has a SVD? Electric/AEG/Spring. I got mine where is yours?

greased and shimmed my barrel, did wounder for consistency. also mighty mendit works well as temp airy thread lock. found that if you want to "lock DOWN" your gun then take it apart again. good for fine tuning.

my piston is ported. the o ring around it is stock but doesn't fit very well. i understand how the concept works. i found a #6 o ring works as a shim for the stock 0 ring.

who has used Teflon tape around the air nozzle?
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OK buddy... you want to flex you gooey grey matter... let's hear it.

What's your weapon System?
Spring or AEG?
What up-grades have you done?

What is this Process you call Grease & Shimming that everyone needs to do?

and so you understand you are speaking to someone who has over 25 years of collective experience between Paintball and Airsoft.. I am the first one to admit I don't know everything, but that is why I read these boards to share my experience and see what creative ideas these youngsters come up with to better their weapon systems.

So have at it.. enlighten me


And for everyone thinking "OH Shit don't encourage him"
PM me and I will explain my reasoning.
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Svd shout out!!tips

Hey I was thinking your ranging might be a little off... on the short side.
A few years back I worked with a team that was completing a health study of firemen. During our talks I came to find out that in Las Vegas the minimum lot width of a single family structure could not be less than 65ft. (It's part of the city code) That measurement would put your two backyards at 130ft or ~40yards. You may want a little better (More Accurate) knowledge for the range and accuracy of your weapon system.

So for a simple estimation tool...

  • Your arms stretched out left to right is approximately you height.
    So say you are 6ft tall your wing span if you will is about the same.
    So you can estimate the length of a piece of rope... an extension cord... ect..
    and use that for figuring out the distance of two backyards.
The reason I bring this up.. is if you are correct.. you are only talking 75ft.
and your results for that distance would be really un-impressive. I would expect 10 for 10 at that range. Secondly did you notice any bbs strike the target but get rejected because it taped to a steel grate. My suggestion is use cardboard as a backer. You may have had more hits than you think because they ricochet back instead of breaking through the paper.

Your Tutorial is well illustrated and organized well, which makes it very easy to follow... and I thank you for that.

Now here are some more ideas for you to help improve the accuracy.

1. Polish the inside of the Inner Barrel. use the following tutorial for reference...

2. Apply a layer of teflon tape around the hop-up bucking to improve air seal within the hop-up chamber.

3. Instead of shimming the barrel. Use a smaller scope ring on the front of your scope. Example use a 6mm rise on the front but an 8mm rise on the back. yes this does require you buying two sets of scope rings.
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Hey not a problem glad I could help.

As for your questions...

Yes I have used the barrel polishing technique... it works quite well.
It is a very good alternative to Tight Bore Barrels. When I am Low on funds to upgrade my weapons I use this method.

as for the grease... Zulu has a good idea with the plastic wrap.
now here is the kicker...
the next time you take apart your weapon you have to clean the grease out of the outer barrel or when you re assemble the weapon you are going to clog the inner barrel.
...and 2nd...
you may want to conduct a test to find out at what temperature the grease starts melt.
I see that you are using high temp grease but that doesn't mean it wont melt enough to cause you grief at lower temps. grease does not have to be liquid to cause problems.. slightly gelatinous is enough for that stuff to become mobile.
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he is talking about his SVD
this picture shows the problem pretty well.
the set screw under the forward iron site
and a matching one on the reverse side is
all that holds the front assembly on the gun.

I wish i had an idea for you but at the moment i am drawing a blank.
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