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So here is my sweetypie:

About the gun: I have added the rails to mount bipods and all kinds of cool stuff to it but right now there's nothing on it, atm Im using my DIY bipods as you can see from the pictures

Internal mods: I have a piston with bearings and double O-rings, a steel piston catch, Element (65) hopup rubber, a madbull black python tbb and I have made it 100% airtight. Right now it has a VSR-10 type of M190 spring witch has been cut down a little to make it fit. I also have put a little screw in to the trigger box so I can adjust the sensitivity of the trigger
In the future I will be modifying the spring guide to a V2 ball bearing spring guide and im going to add long rails on top and bottom of the handguard. And ofcourse there will be an SVDS style foldable stock.
a few more pics

My gun has had pretty much only two kinds of feedback, people think its either really ugly or purely awesome. But I like it :)
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No it won't work. The SVD has a different side rail than all the other AK's. A POSP Scope that has an SVD mount will not fit a normal AK, just as a POSP or KOBRA with an AK mount will not fit an SVD.

Go with the one that suomijorma posted if you want a regular rail rather than a POSP.
nelsonho396 said:
Actually it can. The Ak side rail mount can work for the SVD just depends on the company. Come on look at the picture he is already using a Ak side mount. The one suomi posted is a AK side rail mount. Look at his picture and mine they are exactly the same.
By the way please get your facts right.
Completely disregarding your last sentence, I'll say this:

The scope mount you linked and the one that he has are NOT exactly the same. If someone tries to help, don't insult them. In my experience with both RS and my AtoZ, I found that mounts meant for the RMP-3 rail (ak-74) did not fit on the SVD rail without some form of modification. The Dragunov mount will fit on a RMP-3, but will not lock down due to the pin used to hold it in position.

These "screw on rails" fit better because they are exactly that. They use the friction from the set screws to keep the mount in place.

So, excuse me if my facts may not seem "straight" to you, but maybe you're the one who needs to get theirs straightened.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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