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So in the fall I was playing airsoft and made a contact with the enemy. I shot few shots and decided to relocate. I retreated my old tracks when a enemy startled me. Few guys in few meters way from me. I sprinted to the left, trough some bushes and then the shit hit the fan. Behind the bushes were a 1.5 meter fall and I didn't notice it. Broke my leg and the rifle stock at that fall. So with my rifle, body and soul broken I limbered back to off game and swore I would build a new stock before the spring, and I made it. Here is some pictures of the journey I take to build the rifle. I limited alot of the pictures out cause of the bad quality and didn't want to upload so much pictures.

Here was the plan. You can see the broken stock and it's old "blueprints".

Gluing some wood to make a larger piece of wood. (I made this from plywood, cause plywood is so much stronger)

"Gnawing" some wood

Fits like a glow, expect few stupid errors.

Time to cut out the unnecessary wood.

The profile is now taking the shape.

Now there were alot of steps and pictures but they were extremely poor quality so the next pictures are alot advanced.

The new mag well and the mag.


The new magazine and mag well.

Some crappy stippling

As you can see, the svsk-10 doesn't use the original aps-2 magazines, but a new custom ones. There is a brass tube in the stock that lead to under the hoppup chamber. At the chamber there is a nylon block that will transfer the bb to the chamber. Works like a charm. The only con is that you will have to shoot about 15bb before the new bb will enter the hoppup chamber. No feeding problems. Not a thing is wrong in that system. Also the magazine is old G3 real steel magazine. The inside of the magazine is right now plywood, but will be made out of nylon. Also there is a few white spots at the stock. It's cause of the polyurethane glue. The "paint" won't stick to those parts. Also there is alot of works to be still made. The gun is "finished" in the sens of that you can take it out to the field and play with it. Alot of things still to be made. What do you guys think?

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It looks pretty d**n nice if I may say so

I like the texture of the wood shoing trough, gives it a nice natural look.
might want to spray it in different colors and schemes if you do happen to paint it, so it will blend in even better.

there's still a few rough edges to it, but nice handmade work!

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