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I guess it's time you guys meet my rifle. This here is a one old good friend of mine. I'm his second owner and when he arrived he was total mess. Ugly plastic stock, original crappy parts and no sights. This was 5 years ago. First step was to make a new stock. The first stock was called SVSK-06, cause I was a lame duck and wanted my rifle to have a cool name. The SVSK-06 was a total mess. The color was weird red-brown and ergonomics were shit.

You can see little bit of it in this old picture of mine. The optic that I used was a psop-8 Note: this is a OLD picture (year 2006). Tough I still look awesome on that KZS suit.

Then I read few books about gunsmithing and the
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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