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The Tac41 is still rather young, and it's somewhat limited on parts and availability. I know a lot of people are currently frustrated with the "one way trip" hop up bucking... 95% guarantee that when you try to remove the bucking, you'll end up shredding it. Not very helpful either when the Stock Barrels are proprietary to their proprietary "Not-Quite-AEG-Bucking" buckings.

With all that said.. Basically, most people are running them stock, with the exception of swapping out the springs, maybe getting a different barrel that will let them use different buckings.

...Most people.

Air gun Machine gun Trigger Shotgun Gun barrel

*First guy to get the SDiK. Also first to route it through the grip, rather than half an inch in front of the trigger....

If you'd like, we've got a couple of Facebook Groups for the Tac41, the Owners Group and some other Owners Group.
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