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TAC 41P build

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Hi all,
After a few years of owning my SRS A2 I've decided to try another build and planning to pick up a TAC 41.
I still haven't seen a ton of set up/build videos online.
Anyone who owns one here, what's your current set up and what are your ranging (flatish trajectory)? Also post some pics of your gun :)
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330 is too small to maximize efficiency on a tac-41. You should be going 430mm minimum, probably higher.
Hey Sodium, good to know! Would there be much if any gain in distance by opting for a 510 over the 420mm barrel?
The main issue is FPS. A short barrel will not utililize the tac-41s large cylinder, so lots of extra air will get blown out. I'm not sure whats ideal though. My calculations show that for the most efficient barrel setup, you should pick a 420mm for .48g bbs. It's the perfect barrel ratio for .48g bbs.

You won't gain much if any energy from the 510 over the 420 with .48s, but you will with .45 or lower.
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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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