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Tanaka and friends

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Sorry for my shit phone pic X)

This the pic I took when I was going to sell it, luckily a friend talked me out of it.
Now that I have decided to keep it and I'm going to throw hundreds of dollars at it and see if she likes it,hell to see if I like it.
Going in are the following.
G&G: all the normal stuff and a steel bolt tail.
KA: hop up
Edgi: 6.01 vsr longer than I need but we are going to do cut er' down to get it right.

I hope to have the palmers rig mid summer or so, which depends on my "need" to up grade my mech brakes to wet on my 29er lol. So is there anything I'm missing or should do in the way of DIY mods like teflon tape the barrel nut?

Thanks fellas.
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