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Tanaka Fill Valve

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Does anyone know what the threading is for the tanaka fill valve?

I was going to try to get my HPA rig in through there, so that I can use propane if necessary.
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Just tap the second cylinder in the long mag with a valved QD fitting.
Alright, where does one get those? I am using Wolv's rig, so it will need to fit that...
I'm not sure what QD fittings Wolv uses, but all you need to do is PM him asking what he uses, then go to Mcmaster Carr and buy a valved QD that fits it.
Not a problem. And for the short mags, just tap on the bottom, the fill valve is on top.
I know. By the way, short mags don't work in the AICS... ;)
Didn't know you had an AICS, I just knew "Tanaka".
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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