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I have two Tanaka K98s, and they've both been doing 545 pretty consistantly on YellowGas from Begadi.

I sell one to a friend, and he never pays me my money. After six months, I get it back. I'm experiencing a drop in FPS, down to approx. 230-ish FPS!

With the last K98, there was a box of parts that came with it as well.

So, my more mechanically adequate friend, who also built the first rifle, is looking over the rifles, and some parts aren't as good as they should be, so he changes them with the spare parts and bolts.
He does this to both rifles, and suddenly they're both shooting at low FPS!
He then tries to change back the parts he just did, but both rifles still shoot low fps:(

And this guy's been fixing rifles for all of Norway for the last seven years, so he's obviously got some skill, but we just can't figure out what's wrong!

...anybody care to try to figure out our problem?

Alternatively - where can I buy tanaka K98-pieces?
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