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I was target shooting with my Tanaka, before I brought it to its first game, at aprox. 55 feet. I had the hop-up barely on and it was shooting great. However, when I did go to my first game the bbs would dive at 70 feet because there wasn't enough hop-up. So when you actually do field it you will have to vastly tighten the screw to get the bb to go 200ft or more. This is normal though because the hop-up is set for your back yard, which is small.

There is a rubber hop-up upgrade set from G&G which includes the 2 hop-up rubbers and the 1 magazine fill valve rubber(goes on the bolt).

I would just buy the conversion kit from King Arms and also buy a Nine Ball Purple VSR-10 bucking along with your choice of high performance TBB. Unless you can find a Best Gun hop-up set(cheaper aprox $65) for the tanaka, although the King Arms kit gives you more variety of parts.

I've been told that 85% open on the PCS bolt is optimal, however mine is more like 75%. may vary from rifle to rifle.

Stop filling the mag when the gas starts "spilling out"

On a second note, you may want to invest in a pre-built or make your own co2/hpa rig. Should give you amazing results because of improved consistency with co2/hpa over Propane or Greengas. Im currently making a co2 rig, when im done(1-2 months) I will post a guide here of how I did it, but an excelent guide can be found here:

I get about 50 shots on a full gas fill. If you switch to co2, depending on your fps, you can get 50-70 shots per c02 cartridge and they are much easier to change out then carrying around a Propane tank.

Also, the G&G rubber might give you more Fps because it creates a better seal with the mag.

I invested in the G&G gas route connector(its a spring; goes under that brass push down thingy on the top of the mag)
found here, not the only place you can purchase from however:
Very much worth the money, makes the seal better.
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