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First of may I say what a wonderful forum youve got going here!

Now, I may be as lucky as to get my hand on one of these beautys. Although I have some questions to you guys, and hoping someone knows what I to know.

First of; Threaded adapters for the M40A1, is there one?

Second; Is it possible to exchange the stock for an aftermarket one? I dont really like the ergonomics of the standard stock, and would like to change to something that'll incorporate more rail real-estate for me as well. This because I want to run side-mounted bipods as well as a PEQ-2 on there. Anyone know?

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First of all you should make an intro post ... Forum rules.

You can install any RS stock but will need mods in order to fit.
I have a Best Gun thread adapter but I don't know if it fit on stock Tanaka barrel!
I've installed on mine a Best Gun M24 barrel and there fits the stock barrel was a police barrel so I can't test it.

The only stock o can think now with side rails is the JAE700 and the stock from XM2010... So you're looking for a pretty big wad of money fir the stock ( the XM2010 stock costs around $2000!) or make one yourself!

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