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Tanaka M700 AICS Fully upgraded (Custom barrel)

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Make: Tanaka
Gun/Model: M700 A.I.C.S upgraded (with custom barrel)
Accessories: 2x gas tight power pack magazines, sling, bipod, silencer, ghillie loops.
Condition: Used, good, well looked after, see below.
FPS: 480fps (green), 500fps (propane), adjustable with pcs bolt (300-700)
Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No, Possibly, Maybe from your end.
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Just to let you guys know, the scope has been sold so no longer can be included in a package.

I gather the price is quite high, so i've come up with seperate packages to make it more fund friendly!


So the current package with everything, gun, 2mags, and bipod is
Price drop guys.

Gun + 1magazine -
Just letting you guys know, one magazine is now gone.

So the gun with one magazine is
Would be a great rifle, but I am sure shipping overseas would be a [email protected]!
If you really want it, we could always try organise something, drop me a PM if you fancy it...
Sorry for the double post, mods merge if you could please...

Postage within the UK and insured will be
Just a question, how did you manage on getting that SR-25 suppressor to be mounted on there?
Another bump guys, offers on the gun!

And aydon... it's a custom outerbarell / supressor combination from a airsoft website, can't remember which... maybe trinity or something, but not sure if they are still produced...
aydonmill said:
Just a question, how did you manage on getting that SR-25 suppressor to be mounted on there?
It's the G&G heavy barrel for the police models and it comes with an SR-25 suppressor adapter about 2/3 the way down the barrel. I have the long version on my AICS, this one appears to be a shorter one, which I like better.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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