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shooting a stock tanaka using .43 bb's by madbull fully open bolt with propane...

at 150 feet i was hitting human size target dead on at a about 5 inch grouping. when i pushed it out to 200's started to veer off...i would score about 50% of hits on random body parts, i would hit the legs, then shoulders, and a few in the chest. but it seemed like every other bb would veer of

fly wayyy up
chest hit
far right
a bit off left
right thigh hit.
left foot hit

and it just goes on like this


G&G rubber set
G&G plunger set
G&G striker spring

is this normal? i've heard ppl getting 3/4 inch groupings at 100 feet so i was expencting it to be better that 200 feet

was a slight brease about 2 mph going WITH the bb

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To get good groups you need to look at fitting the 2Roy or King Arms hop conversion kit, nineball VSR rubber and tightbore 555mm (for a VSR10).

The tanaka hop is nowhere near as stable and your results are typical.

Good Hunting ;)
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