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Hey guys today I'm selling a completely upgraded TANAKA M700. just about 90% of this gun has been upgraded and performs like no other. Here's the parts breakdown.

For the fastest responses or additional pics email me at friedricetogo<AT>yahoo<DOT >com

-Tanaka m700 $450
-PCS bolt with forse nozzle
-G&G fluted outer barrel $100
-Best gun metal part 91 chamber block
-King arms vsr10 conversion chamber $90
-Nineball VSR bucking $25
-Pdi 6.01mm barrel 430mm $140
-RS Railed Gasblock (forgot brand) -$20
-Custom Remington m700 sa bsl stock with digital wrap
-Fully glass bedded stock
-Custom barrel mounts in fore end of stock
-Baked on dura coat paintjob
-Nc star 3-12x55mm scope $80
-2 long mags $180 total

The G&G barrel has been shortened and threaded (-14mm) for the attachment of foam filled silencers or flash hiders. It will also come with 2 bolts, the standard one and PCS bolt, both with G&G rubber sets. Overall this is well over $1000 worth of stuff and the PCS bolt just makes everything better. I'm asking $600 OBO


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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