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Tanaka M700 wood.

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Im thinking about getting one... any comments about it?
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I suppose you mean this one;

Tanaka M700 Light Tactical Rifle ( Wood Stock )

If it's anything like the regular M700 (...well....Police Model anyhow), and any other products made by Tanaka, it will be one hell of a rifle. Though, I wouldn't doubt it may have some of the minor kinks that the Police Model Version had.

IMHO, I hate wood guns, this one looks alright. This, the AK, and the Thompson are really the only wooden guns I would touch, except for the occassional really nice looking Wooden M14.

Personally, I wouldn't go for it, or at least try and find it used as you will probably be replacing some key parts in it anyhow (or at least I would if I had another crack at an M700).
Got a list of what i should get with it to get rid of these "kinks"? and explain that the kinks are please.
Well, for starters the hop-up isn't the greatest. Works great for a bit, then drifts down to be needing a replacement. Mine broke on me and I had to get a replacement (though, I got the regular and not the alluminum).

These two parts should solve almost all the problems I came into contact with:

With those, you should have basically the grim reaper in your hands. Had I known of the Nozzle kit, I would of kept my M700. The thing may think it hits high fps, but when it actually hits, there's almost absolutely no feel to it. I don't know if you remember the game out in Romulus when I brought it and it was the M700s + spotters vs. everyone else, but everyone saw it chronoed well above 500, yet when I shot a teammate within 20 feet, he didn't feel it hardly at all. With that high of FPS, you would think it would hurt like hell. I was running .29s with it. You may need to run aluminums in it, as regular BBs just don't transfer the energy that propelled it out, so to speak.

You can get away with running it stock for a while, but, I would get those upgrades, plus, since fall on us, and almost winter, I would put this project off to the side for a bit.

Also, not needed, but a good option since you may be taking apart it if you get it, is the G&G Power Bolt. This eliminates fluxuations the gun sometimes does on it's own. It's cool to be able to adjust the power of the gun, but, mine broke on me and was just a real pain in the ass. This way, you will always know what fps area you are shooting.
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Thanks for the help, i am planning on working for the gun for most of fall and get it probably around early december and tweak it untill summer rolls around so it will be badass.

I want another rifle because my L96 is upraded to pretty much its fullest potential, i could buy a 170$ reciver but that just isnt nessesary.
I just need something to spend my money on that i will be able to sell for a healthy penny.
Actually, if you are most likely going to re-sell it, don't count on it being sold for a bit. I have seen a lot of Tanaka M700s up for sale, most don't sell. Even when they go as low as $250, they hardly sell (even if they are LNIB or hardly used).

Re-sell on M700s aren't that great. Most likely, you will get PM'd with hundreds of low-ball trade offers (GBBs, Mp5s, the sort).

I had to trade mine away, tried selling it, but got lowball after lowball after lowball. So I finally traded it to someone with a package as much as mine.
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