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Tanaka or Maruzen or VSR

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So I am in market for sniper platform
One of the 3 above if I go gas I will run HPA..
I have read up on most of all 3..
My question reliability which will break the least and have less down time..
I will need to shoot about 500fps and 60 -75 meters..
If it does break easiest/cheapest to repair..
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I think the cheapest to repair would be the VSR. It's a very simple design, and there are lots of mods to get it shooting 50+yds.

You should look into a Danger Werx B arm if you get the VSR. That part alone boosted my range immensely.
A Type 96 clone would also be dirt cheap to get shooting fairly well. Now brand names would really bump up the price.

If it's a gas rifle project you're after, then check my classifieds add. I have a gas rifle and even a nice HPA rig for very cheap that I'm trying to get rid of.
Could you please give your top picks of the exact guns from each category?

The answer to your question basically depends on your base gun. Not necessarily the system platform.

This is especially important if you decide on buying one of the clones.
I have no interest in clones ..
Tanaka M700
Maruzen APS
TM Vsr G spec
Personally, I like the APS platform, but honestly, the VSR is great too. The only big issue is the takedown time for that one, I could take down my APS series in under a minute, but the hop alone on the VSR takes almost 30-40 sec. right there. The tanaka was a great performer, but the gas system was a pain in the ass. I use classics, so the air rig doesn't bother me, but the gas system in those damn things just never worked quite perfect. It worked great, but never quite perfectly.
+1 on the APS for simplicity and the stock body. The APS rifle simply has a feel that I love compared to any VSR I've held.

I really don't like stripping down a VSR-10 either :zzz:

IMHO you should decide depending on what you think looks/feels better in your hands. Prices for internal upgrades for either of these two guns will be the same if something ever breaks, which isn't too common once you upgrade the necessary parts.

The m700 is nice, but from my experience I prefer consistency and reliability. I could never get the gun to shoot a very consistent FPS so at times accuracy suffered.
APS..because everyone has Type-10! ;)

I think the APS and VSR when upgraded will perform equally as good.

If you want it to hit accurately at no more than 75m then a spring gun would be fine, and less problems, and more consistent.
I'd say VSR for the ease of finding upgrade and spare parts.
The APS is a great performer but it's not the easier task to find parts (only PDI can be found easily and I prefer Laylax)

Tanaka's are a pain in the @ss if you ask me inconsistent as hell but with external HPA are greatly improved but the wear on some parts is bigger especially if you push the fps, it's very hard to work with the trigger, I've done it once and I'd rather don't do it again.

thanks for all the advice .
I like the Tanaka alot run with HPA..
I think it will be a choice between m700 or aps
Either one would be great. If it's your first rifle, then I'd go spring and then just get the gas rifle later on.
yeah not my first rifle for sure ..
Now I just need keep watching for sale sections for the right upgraded one to come up
Well I ended up finding great deal on Tanaka m700 Pre ban
7 mags 2 stocks plus Internal upgrades .
I am stoked just need to get HPA rig
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