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I used to be pretty big in the B/S/T forums, and overtime have amassed quite the collection of odd parts etc.

During my last deal I got my hands on multiple tanaka assembly's, One full aics kit, a few extra bodies and multiple barrels/ trigger assembly's, Kingarms vsr barrel conversion kits etc
Though most of my parts are now gone, I have a few odd ones left that I don't know the prices of,

I'm trying to clean house and sell the remainders of my airsoft gear, as due to a leg injury I just can't have to much fun with airsoft anymore like I used to,

Recently a customer came to me wanting a preban bolt and an upper reciever (Just the bolt cage, no screws/barrel assembly)
I'm having a hard time pricing the parts, and thought I'd reach out on the forums to try to see what the going rates for my parts are, as I'm not to sure myself.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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