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Well, all over the net people say either how good or how bad the tanaka rifles are, leaving potential buyers wondering if its worth it.

Here is a vid showing the rifle working in the field (it's a completely factory standard preban PCS m40a1 firing around 550fps).

Reently I fitted the 2ROY (same as PAX or KING ARMS) m700 conversion kit. This allows you to use VSR hop rubbers and barrels in the tanaka m700 rifles.

I fitted a cheap PDI 6.05mm barrel and NINEBALL VSR hop rubber.

The performance is vastly increased. Despite the fps being similar the new hop system allowed far higher amount of hop to be dialled in without inaccuracy. This opened up the flat range and tackling a head sized target at 60m is not a problem.

We test fired it recently in cold conditions...

This was the scene on day 1 and 2...

We did test fire on day 2 but the thermometer was on zero (freezing) and results were ok, however, the magazine full of green gas struggled to provide stable firing velocity and on the second half of the magazine lost power. We did use heat pads and our own body temperature to try to stabalise the gas magazines and cans, but it was not that effective.

(here is a team mate firing it)

Day 3 was better as much of the snow had begun to melt and temperature was recorded at 3C. Wind was pretty strong and stopped us from having a serious test. However, I mananged to hit a stationary man at a measured 60m distance (the black bin bag target, above the blue one, on the picture below) with 8 out of 11 shots. This appeared to be an average and not an exceptional piece of shooting, as several 6mm hunters had a go. I was stood unsupported (freehand) for this and it was obviously prone to my own errors.

I was aiming straight at the guys back and most of the shots hit very close to where I aimed (wind took them left). I used 0.28g GUARDER and felt it was not worth wasting my limited supply of SGM 0.29g . The Guarders worked well and gave no fliers, the only ones that missed were by an inch or 2.

I also used KSC 0.30g PERFECT BB's but found they did not give very good results compared.

I had PDI 6.05mm barrel (554mm) and nineball rubber fitted. The pellets were still rising at the 60m target and certainly had amazing range which 100% beats the original hop system. All in all this has proven to make the TANAKA series a far more viable gaming system that could well be more practical if you want to run a super high powered rifle compared to spring systems. NB: this m40a1 had the PCS set for maximum power. I decided not to take the chronograph but suggest it was still pulling 550fps+

Hope that helps. Good Hunting

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Well, I finally got the video sorted.

Check it out :

Only things that are not 100% are the indicated wind speed and distance to the target. Only afterwards, did I realise the distance was not confirmed, with our 10m tape measure from the exact firing position. <_<

Fellow hunters felt I had understated both factors, but better to do that then exagerate. We will get a laser range finder eventually.

The ATP project graphs show that at 550fps a 0.30g pellet travel approx 180 feet in 1 second (55m). However, I just looked in detail (frame to frame) at the audio and the pellets take 1.5 seconds to arrive at the target! This suggests the target is nearer 220 feet away (67m) using the tables in the project. Although i guess the sound takes a tenth of a second to travel back to the microphone from the target. So perhaps 200 feet is a better estimation on the range.

here is the 500fps chart too.


Please note that the effects of the wind to the left would have been far more severe if it were not for the fact I was countering the wind with a common 6mmhunter shooting technique; "canting" the rifle. Hold the cross hair off centre leaning into the wind. In this wind, I was only applying 10 degrees of cant (leaning the top of the scope over to the right to counter the wind coming from that direction.) The HOP UP implies side spin, along with the normal up spin. This side spin keeps the BB fighting against the wind and if you have put just the right amount of spin to suit ammo and wind speed/direction then it will appear to have a normal straight trajectory. Try it yourself.

I set the HOP far lower than I would have indoors or in calm outdoor conditions with more favourable temperature.

This film also shows how good the TM MK23 pistol is. Despite the fact he was returning fire over the log, while the tanaka shot directly underneath it, he still managed a hit (0.30g) on a prone shooter. Unfortunatley, I pressed pause accidentaly, and missed the torrent of hits on the second half of the LTR's magazine. The MK23 rounding it off, by hitting the camera (despite me holding my hand above the lens area) on the last shot! We were gutted when we found I had not recorded it. :(

find more info here: 6mmHUNTERS

Enjoy + Good Hunting ;)
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