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Tanaka Restricted Bolt

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So I heard recently that the new bolts on the Tanaka sniper rifles are lower powered. They are supposed to shoot something like 300fps. I know the preban bolt shoots between 350fps and 600fps with just a turn of the screw. The preban rifles are probably gonna retain their value VERY well becuase they are now out of production and perform better then the newer models(fps-wise).
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I heard about this too. Hot Spot Airsoft modifies their new Tanakas to shoot around 460.
In the UK there are still some preban LTR m700 tanaka rifles available new. (3 at Firesupport).

The LTR was discontinued just before the ban came in. It may have been discontinued as the furniture is easy to damage if the action is overtightened onto the woodwork.

Redwolf still have some preban LTR in stock too as far as I know.

Sorry to necropost but it is relevant info for you guys looking for an instant classic :)

Good Hunting :)
You're good Bushman, although it is extremely old, anyone interested would know they're still in the market. Thanks.

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