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Tanaka shooting curving left.

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So my Tanaka is shooting left at 100+ feet, there is so much potential for it to shoot 250+ ft, but it's curving left hard.

I've identified the problem: bucking is missaligned, but no matter how much I fiddle with the bucking, put everything back together, it still sits left. Now, I do add a little teflon tape around the bucking and then electrical tape on the chamber and the big gold nut(?), that keeps things from wobbiling. Could this torque my bucking?

I also electrical tapped the barrel end plug for a tighter fit, causing me to have to twist and push it in place, would this be exerting torque on the bucking?

Anyone have any solutions?
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VSR conversion? Of so, file off the nub on the outside of the bucking.
Yea, I should probs add some info about my rifle.

Laxlax 555mm inner barrel
Vsr-10 conversion
Nineball bucking
CO2 external rig
G&G contact parts

But the spartan chamber has a notch for the nub on the outside.
Try it out without any mods and see what happens.

Try it out without any mods and see what happens.

Alright, I took off some of the electrical tape, I believe it to be centered now, but I won't know until I test it again...whenever that is :p.

Thanks for the help guys, if you have anymore info to share, it's welcome.
Maybe you could shave off the mound on the inside if it's naturally setting in there crooked. Or, like Cheese said, cut off the outside tab and try to get it as centered as possible and try it out. The bucking could be defected where the mound on the inside or the tab on the outside are a little bit off in their placement.
I'm thinking you just need to align your barrel properly so the hopup is spread evenly.
encountered this problem just now;im using the stock inner barrel connector then my metal bestgun hopchamber housing;also using .20 bbs gng hoprubber installed also;what could be the problem sirs?
Firstly check the barrel/ bucking alignment and then the alignment with the hop up chamber and then use heavier bbs, over .30's the gun is shooting very hard for .20g bbs!

copy sir wolfgeorge;will be getting heavier bbs this week :)
As usual (kudos!) I agree with everything that was wrote here. If I might add something:

1) What you are experiencing is very common..but it is not so common to read it blatantly reported on a forum. Some users don't care, others don't notice, others just use full auto :) and have no idea what trajectory means XD

2) One cause of the problem could be an incorrect hop up rubber placement. Here are two diagrams that might help you understand.

3) You might be experiencing a canting error, or error of cant.
Long explanation:
Short explanation:

4) Your barrel might be bent or pushed by spacers (I'd say this might be more rare..)
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Wow thanks for the links!! It's the first time I see them!
Especially the second kicks @ss very easy to understand canting!

Wow thanks for the links!! It's the first time I see them!
Especially the second kicks @ss very easy to understand canting!

Thanks Wolf! I am going to put this in my database, it's definitely useful. I might rephrase that and make the entire process of tuning etc. more readable..great guides, true!
copy sir reezo;will take everything you said here into consideration;i also read the no.3 explanation nice :) very detailed indeed;will check with heavier bbs also and will update you all with my progress

appreciated :) thanks again sirs
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