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Tanaka trigger questions..

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Hi guys,
I got back from some target shooting fun with my Tanaka M40A1 and this old guy is showing that I was a darn noob back one year ago: the fact that I did not know much about how things worked is reflected in some wear and tear that originated by one simple thing: taking things apart, disassembling, upgrading without knowledge and then trying to reassemble back..

Good thing my SR-15 and the P226 have almost never been tampered with ;) ..but those are not project I am assuming I wasn't that "violent" after all ;) it was the good amount of violence.

It definitely helped me understand how to maintain weapons and all their parts..but I have a couple questions about the trigger assembly because lately, even if it's extremely consistent and nice to shoot, the M40A1 tends to slam fire when cocking the the safety was very hard to pull and after a strong pull I managed to get it moving again..only problem is: it does not engage even if it is put in the "safe" position..

1) What is the exact function of the three screws on the trigger? I am referring to the ones that face the muzzle and the ones that face the stock, 3 in total. I heard that those might regulate how high the trigger sear or valve knocker is..and that could be the reason of the slam firing.

2) What should I check to see if the safety is engaging properly? Is it supposed to "grasp" and hold the trigger sear?

3) You Tanaka users know that the trigger is held in place on the receiver by two pins. The pin on the back passes through the trigger sear cylinder and holds the "bolt release" lever in place. My question is: is it supposed to be BENT? Mine is definitely bent and I am wondering if that is how it should be.

..maybe I should buy a broken Tanaka rifle to use as spare and finally get things settled down. With the recent air rig installation this thing shoots like an arrow. If I could stop having random problems, I'd say this reached its final stage..but for some reason the old noob violence I put on it is now surfacing back! :)
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The pin's are supposed to be straight. Mine are anyway:p
Reezo I only touched the screws of my old AICS, I messed it up and had firing issues, I didn't touched the screws on my current M700 it works fine like this.

I can't even get the middle screw of my AICS to thread back into Part 91, which is probably why my seal sucks. Oh well:p
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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